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Welcome to Radford Dry Ice Blasting, where innovation meets cleanliness. As a new name in the industry, we offer a fully mobile service utilising state-of-the-art technology created and supplied by Coldjet to deliver a faster, greener, and more cost-effective approach to surface cleaning. Ensuring optimal results for your business.

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  • Initial site evaluation
  • Mining equipment assessments
  • Tailored blasting plan
  • Customize maintenance solutions & strategies

Tailored Cleaning Solutions, Advanced Dry Ice Technology, Eco-Friendly Practices, Minimized Equipment Downtime, Continuous Performance Monitoring.

  • Client collaboration throughout the process.
  • Routine maintenance program, options.


Site Inspection, Surface Assessments, Customized Dry Ice Blasting Plans, Environmentally Friendly Practices, Post-Removal Surface Reviews.

Tailored Eradication Solutions, Advanced Dry Ice Technology, Delicate Surface Restoration, Eco-Conscious Practices, Continuous Site Monitoring.

Strategic Planning, Customized Surface Assessments, Precision Dry Ice Blasting, Sustainable Practices, Ongoing Site Reviews.



  • ⁠cured concrete cleaning
  • asphalt equipment buildups overspray
  • cement/concrete overspray
  • electric components
  • prep for equipment repainting
  • surface rust removal
  • storage tanks
  • large equipment

Customized Cleaning Solutions, Advanced Dry Ice Technology, Non-Abrasive Equipment Restoration, Eco-Friendly Practices, Continuous Performance Monitoring.

Strategic Planning, Comprehensive Equipment Assessments, Tailored Cleaning Plans, Sustainable Practices, Ongoing Performance Monitoring.

automatice dry ice


Vehicle Inspection, Surface Assessments, Customized Dry Ice Cleaning Plans, Eco-Conscious Practices, Continuous Vehicle Monitoring.

Tailored Restoration Solutions, Advanced Dry Ice Technology, Non-Abrasive Cleaning Process, Eco-Friendly Practices, Continuous Performance Monitoring.

Strategic Planning, Comprehensive Surface Assessments, Precision Dry Ice Cleaning, Sustainable Practices, Ongoing Vehicle Reviews.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Cutting-Edge Technology

Radford Dry Ice Blasting employs state-of-the-art dry ice cleaning technology, ensuring you benefit from the most advanced and effective cleaning solutions available.

Versatility Across Industries

Whether you're in manufacturing, automotive, or another sector, Radford Dry Ice Blasting offers versatile applications, adapting our services to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

Skilled and Professional Team

Our team consists of skilled professionals with extensive experience in dry ice blasting. Trust Radford for expertise that guarantees precise and efficient cleaning for your surfaces.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Radford tailors its services to your specific requirements, providing customized cleaning solutions that address your industry's distinct challenges.

Quick Response Time

Radford Dry Ice Blasting ensures swift and efficient services, providing a rapid solution to your cleaning needs.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Radford is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring that each client receives a cleaning solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Don't Know What To Start With?
Dry Ice

What is Dry-ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning process that uses solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets as a blasting medium. The dry ice pellets are accelerated by compressed air and directed at the surface to be cleaned. Upon impact, the pellets remove contaminants through a combination of kinetic energy transfer and the immediate sublimation of dry ice, turning it from a solid to a gas. This process is effective, environmentally friendly, and leaves no secondary waste, making it suitable for various industries and applications.

  • Dry ice blasting delivers precise cleaning by using solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets, removing contaminants without causing damage to the underlying surface.

  •  This method is environmentally responsible, as it utilizes CO2, a natural gas, and leaves no secondary waste, making it a green and sustainable cleaning solution.

  • From industrial equipment and automotive components to delicate electronics, dry ice blasting is versatile and suitable for a wide range of surfaces and industries.

  • Unlike traditional abrasive cleaning methods, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, ensuring that surfaces are cleaned thoroughly without any risk of abrasion or wear.

  • The process is non-conductive, making it safe for use on electrical components and sensitive equipment where traditional cleaning methods might pose a risk.

  • With a combination of kinetic energy and sublimation, dry ice blasting efficiently removes contaminants such as grease, paint, and residues, leaving surfaces exceptionally clean without any residue.


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Dry ice cleaning, also known as dry ice blasting, is a cleaning process that utilizes solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets as a blasting medium to remove contaminants, coatings, and residues from surfaces. It is an environmentally friendly and non-abrasive cleaning method.

Dry ice cleaning works by propelling solid carbon dioxide pellets at a high velocity through a nozzle using compressed air. Upon impact with the surface to be cleaned, the pellets transfer kinetic energy, causing contaminants to break away. The unique feature is the immediate sublimation of dry ice, which turns from a solid to a gas, effectively removing the dislodged material.

Dry ice cleaning is widely used in various industries, including manufacturing (cleaning molds and equipment), automotive (removing paint and adhesives), food processing (cleaning equipment and ovens), electronics (cleaning delicate components), and fire restoration (removing soot and smoke damage).

The advantages of dry ice cleaning include its non-abrasive nature, environmental friendliness, effectiveness in removing various contaminants, residue-free process, and suitability for delicate or sensitive surfaces. It also eliminates the need for additional clean-up, as there is no secondary waste generated.

Safety precautions during dry ice cleaning include ensuring proper ventilation to manage carbon dioxide gas release, providing operators with appropriate personal protective equipment, and following guidelines for safe equipment operation. It’s crucial to adhere to safety protocols to prevent any potential hazards associated with the process.

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